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Jun 16

On Facebook

Saw this quote via @stoweboyd this morning:

Facebook is the living dead: the most popular, least relevant social network where teenagers and adults alike gather out of fear of missing out on things that don’t even make them happy.

Amanda Hess, Teenagers Hate Facebook, but They’re Not Logging Off

… and realized, with a dash of surprise in my own reaction, that I have softened my stance about the social media giant.

I don’t like Facebook for a bunch of reasons, and deactivated the account I had there (which I’d opened for the sole reason of having a more informed opinion about it), but when I think about certain people I know who use it, I’m somewhat glad they’re trying.

The people I’m thinking of will never blog or create their own websites - not even with another hosted option: They think of Facebook as their place to have a web presence, and as far as they’re concerned, www.Facebook.com/TheirHandle IS their website. They have wrestled with their own questions about internet privacy and they’ve reckoned with their answers, and they ARE happy there, so who am I to judge them, even though I personally wish they’d be somewhere else on the world wide web? And one day, they may make the jump… We’re in an era where knowing how to publish on the web has become a basic skill, and Facebook is a door opener on the how-to for a lot of people.

Facebook may be “least relevant” to Amand Hess, to me, and to others, but if it’s relevant to those who use it, it’s relevant by the very definition of the word.

My 2 cents for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg, is that if you want Facebook to be more relevant, tear down the walls. One of my biggest gripes about it, has been that you cannot READ 90% of the Facebook pages that are created unless you have an account of your own. Pretty dumb. That’s not publishing a web presence, that’s insider clubbing.

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