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Oct 23

Oct 22
“If we truly believe in changing a business, we have to focus our attention on the aspiration, not the alteration. It’s not change that we’re looking for, but rather a kind of collective virtue. Maybe we can’t quite put it into words, so we use the word change as shorthand, but we should try to be more rigorous in the way we describe it. That way, it will be easier to recognize when we see it.” Art Kleiner: What Executives Really Mean When They Talk About Change (via futuramb)

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May 18

So, Tumblr

I’ve kinda-sorta been following the news that Yahoo will buy Tumblr.

I’ve no opinion on whether or not it’s a good thing for everyone else, but selfishly, I think it’s a good thing for me. Yahoo has reach, I like how they’ve paid more attention to Flickr lately (the only Yahoo service I have ever used) and I simply figure that they’ll succeed in attracting more people to the Tumblr community, potentially making my Tumblr dashboard a lot more varied and interesting.

Looking back on it, my own Tumblr universe has always been about my dashboard.

If you read me on my Managing with Aloha blog, you know I recently posted something on my deliberations about Google Reader being discontinued, and Tumblr fits into the picture as well, because I have always thought of it as another RSS aggregator, and a kind of quirky one.

I read Tumblr way, WAY more than I publish to Tumblr, mostly because I’ve never really needed Tumblr for publishing, or even for lifestreaming: I already had my own sites (still do), so Tumblr’s been a diversion and a plaything - a place to take a break from working. In my current use of it, Tumblr is a place where I stumble upon the curious and interesting facets of impulsive and addicting subscriptions; Tumblr is off-my-beaten-path reading.

In whatever publishing I will do here,Tumblr’s been a place I can be less businesslike and more experimental. Again, usually playing, and strictly content-wise. I don’t tweak the design I have - I haven’t changed it in 6 years! - and I don’t obsess about who follows me, and what they might think. There are long stretches of time where my Tumblr posts are just photo shares, or continuations of whatever I couldn’t fit in 140 characters on Twitter.

I just looked up my very first post on Tumblr, done on 9:31am on Christmas morning, 2007 (which makes sense… I would have been playing then too!) and it was this quote from Liz Strauss:

"One day I’ll live on my own URL, then I’ll stream where I want to. Until then I’ll be floating away on Tumblr."

Guess I’m happy to simply continue with my own floating, open to having others join me in the pool.

Try some diversion deliciousness. If you’ve never tried it before, click on a Tumblr tag and just see what comes up. Lately, I’ve been snooping around in the Tumblr #farming and #homesteading communities and meeting the most wonderful people there.

May 15
“It is maddening, how one Force of Change question will lead to yet another one. Force of Habit however, tends to squelch the questions, and you’ve got to be willing to accept that silencing.” Force of Habit, and the Force of Change

Feb 12

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Oct 16

Sep 29
“Job creation is a false idol. The future is about gigs and assets and art and an ever-shifting series of partnerships and projects. It will change the fabric of our society along the way. No one is demanding that we like the change, but the sooner we see it and set out to become an irreplaceable linchpin, the faster the pain will fade, as we get down to the work that needs to be (and now can be) done. This revolution is at least as big as the last one, and the last one changed everything.” Seth’s Blog: The forever recession (and the coming revolution)

Aug 29

Feb 22